What it does: 

Facebook is a social networking site that connects people with friends and others who share similar interests. It is geared towards people who want to form networks and linkages.


Facebook is heavily used in Canada, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Norway, Panama, South Africa, UAE, United Kingdom and United States.


Good for general outreach and fundraising. It is quite good for setting up 'groups' around themes and issues, and inviting other facebook users to join them.


It is not good for representing an organisation, unless the aim of your organisation is networking. Do not rely solely on Facebook to represent your campaign. You cannot customise the look of your profile page.

Suggested use: 

Besides the possibility of establishing an identity or creating a dedicated group, organisations can develop small applications, through the Facebook API, that people can add on their pages. These applications can allow users to fill in questionnaires, make donations, etc. Facebook allows you to reach constituents that you would not normally reach.

Your content: 

You have control over your personal information and you only have access to information others want to share.

Security concerns: 

Their policies around data-mining and collection have raised some concerns.