Video Catches Cops in the Act

An anonymous individual known only as 'The Targuist sniper from Targuist', a small Berber town in the north of Morocco, posted on Youtube (http://uk.youtube.com/user/TarSniper) several videos of good quality showing Moroccan police officers, one after another, accepting cash bribes from truck drivers and potential smugglers. The videos generated wide debate in the press and discussions on the internet, but they were never mentioned in the state media. Many saw this as a new way to fight widespread corruption in the government institutions.

Moroccan police (Gendarmerie royale) conducted what the media described as a brutal search for the person behind the Berber Targuist sniper videos. Four young Moroccans will appear in court as witnesses in the trials of the corrupt police officers. They could face charges of humiliation of the police institution because of the bad publicity the latter got from these shocking videos.