The Hub

What it does: 

It gives human rights defenders and advocates a place to store and share multimedia, such as video and photos for use in campaigns.

When to use it: 

If you have sensitive materials that you want to share with other advocates. Also if you want to upload a video anonymously for security reasons.

When not to use it: 

If your video is not human rights related or if you are trying to distribute your video beyond the human rights advocacy community.


It is specifically created for Human Rights use. You can group media content by campaign.


It is currently in beta form, i.e. its functionalities are still being tested.

Suggested use: 

Use it to safely store media on your campaign. Also useful for making your material available for other human rights advocates and defenders.

Owned by: 

Witness - an international human rights organisation. http://www.witness.org

Your content: 

Is yours. Witness will never share, sell or trade your information.

Security concerns: 

Witness has specifically built the hub to give people working on human rights issues a secure place to store content.