What it does: 

Mobile application to upload photos and video from your phone to web-based services like Flickr, blip.tv, wordpress. Can tag and add comments on the phone. Back up the contacts on your phone to the web. Get others' photos, videos on your phone.

When to use it: 

If you routinely capture content on your mobile phone that you need to get on the web. It works especially well if your phone can connect via wi-fi or if you have a data plan from your mobile phone service provider.

When not to use it: 

If you are not using your phone for anything other than voice or texting. If you do not have connectivity via wi-fi or dataplan.


You can use shozu with any cell-phone provider that offers a data plan.


Getting photos and videos off your phone is quite easy.

Suggested use: 

Activists can instantly upload multimedia to the internet while the action is happening, rather than risk losing the material or delaying its publication.

Your content: 

They 'do not claim ownership of photos or videos you upload to Partners'.

Security concerns: 

Mobile phone photos and other data can be embedded with trackable data.