What it does: 

Allows you to sign in to an Instant Messaging account (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk and Gmail, ICQ and Jabber) via a web-browser. You can also do voice and video chats.

When to use it: 

If you want to use an Instant Messaging account without having to download and install software. Also, good for use in Internet Cafes as chat histories won't be stored on the hard drive.

When not to use it: 

If you want to use Skype.


Anywhere if you have a really good broad band connection.


Allows you to use USB Chat Camera and Audio.


Cannot be used with Skype.

Suggested use: 

Perfect for use in an internet cafe or somewhere when you do not want to store your IM account information on a hard drive.

Owned by: 

Meebo, Inc

Your content: 

Is yours, Meebo does not keep any account information used with services.

Security concerns: 

They do not keep your account information on servers. They do temporarily store files that have been sent via the 'share file' feature.