What it does: 

Orkut is a social networking site that connects people with friends, colleagues and family. It is geared towards people who want to form networks and linkages.

When to use it: 

If your constituency or allies are using it. If you are working in Brazil.

When not to use it: 

If no one in your network is using it.


Orkut is the dominant social networking site in Brazil and India. Also worth mentioning are Pakistan and Paraguay.


Good for general outreach and fundraising. It is quite good for setting up 'groups' around themes and issues, and inviting other Orkut users to join them.


It is not good for representing an organisation, unless the aim of your organisation is networking. Do not rely solely on Orkut to represent your campaign.

Suggested use: 

Create a community for your issue or campaign and encourage people to join to stay up-to-date on developments.

Owned by: 

Google - www.google.com

Security concerns: 

It was popular in Iran, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia until it was blocked by those governments. A computer worm was successful in propagating banking details, user names and passwords.