Inform & Communicate

These services are aimed at keeping stakeholders informed about and engaged with your cause. They also offer ways to get people to contribute to developing content for use in your campaign.

Building a Collaborative Resource

Collaboration tools such as wikis allow for multiple contributors to edit a web page or even make changes to the structure of a website. This can be helpful in setting up an agenda for an event or a website with background information on a specific issue.

Quick Updates on Your Campaign or Issue

Blogs allow for easy chronological postings online, like a journal or diary. Blogs can also be more sophisticated, for example a group of people can set up a blog about a specific topic. Organisations can use blogs to keep stakeholders upto date on developments or to announce new publications.

Reaching Online Communities

Social networking sites offer you new ways of connecting with people online who have specific interests or belong to specific communities. They can also be used to inform and communicate with stakeholders who have an internet connection and are members of the particular social networking site you are using. We would suggest surveying your stakeholders to see if any of them use these sites before incorporating social networking into your campaign strategy. These sites are not good for engendering deep engagement in their users, but they are great for the 'light touch'.

Tracking Your Issue

Web-based tools are available to help you keep track of and organise information available from web pages. These tools can help you to monitor new content being generated by sites all over the world wide web.

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