Quick Updates on Your Campaign or Issue

Blogs allow for easy chronological postings online, like a journal or diary. Blogs can also be more sophisticated, for example a group of people can set up a blog about a specific topic. Organisations can use blogs to keep stakeholders upto date on developments or to announce new publications.


  • Send and receive messages to and from mobile phones (by SMS), webpages, or from IM/Jabber/gchat. Send messages to a group of 'followers' or send direct messages to one person.

  • A blogging site that allows you to categorise and tag posts. Wordpress has ready-made themes and templates to style the blog and it allows you to make some posts private and password-protected. It also has built-in sidebar features for calendars, photos and video. Spam protection is another feature. RSS feed of blog is available so that others can subscribe.

  • Essentially this is a blog for short items you've 'tumbled' upon.

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