Mobilise & Coordinate

Two big tasks that your advocacy campaign faces are: mobilising large numbers of people, for example getting them to show up at an event; and coordinating activities with a network of allies. These services offer ways to connect with people locally using mobile phones and to communicate via the internet with people who are geographically dispersed.

Coordinating with Peers and Allies

If you are trying to plan and coordinate with organisations that are connected to the internet, you can use a 'Voice over Internet Protocol' service like Skype, which allows you to have simultaneous conversations with several people in different geographical areas. You can also communicate with people using text, via instant messaging services built into these applications.

Mobilising Your Community Through Mobile Phones

Effective outreach means making the most of offline and online communications. If the people you want to reach are not using the internet, they may have mobile phones. A tool such as Twitter can help you coordinate activities by allowing you to communicate with a large number of people through their mobile phones.

Mobilising Online Communities

Social networking sites offer new ways of informing and communicating with stakeholders who have internet access, provided that they are also members of the particular social networking site you are using. We would suggest surveying your stakeholders to see which, if any, of these sites they are using, before incorporating social networking into your campaign strategy.

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