Accessing the Internet Safely

The Internet is an open system of communication through which data normally travels in a readable format. If someone intercepts your data along the way, they can easily read the content. Because the Internet is just one large, worldwide network, it relies on many intermediary computers to direct traffic.

Making your email safe

Every message has a sender and one or more recipients. Even if you have secure access to your email account, consider what precautions your contacts may or may not take when reading your messages. Remember that email can also be intercepted at the receiver's end. To ensure private communication, you and your email contacts should all be using email services that provide secure connections. And--in order to be certain that email is not intercepted between your email server and a contact's email server--it is safest if you all use accounts from the same provider.

Making your web-browsing safe

Your computer has an address called an Internet Protocol (IP) address, which identifies it uniquely on the Internet. It is a bit like a postal zip code. Any website can read this address easily. These services will prevent your IP address from being collected while you browse.

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