Mobiles are the Internet for the rest of the world. These services will help you utilize mobiles in your advocacy work.


  • Send and receive messages to and from mobile phones (by SMS), webpages, or from IM/Jabber/gchat. Send messages to a group of 'followers' or send direct messages to one person.

  • Computer to computer voice calls including video calls (if you have a webcam) can be made securely using a microphone and computer. If you buy skype credit, you can call land or mobile phone lines at a low-cost rate depending on your location. Others can also call you from a land or mobile phone line if you use SkypeIn, provided you are online. You can also send SMS texts to mobiles at a low cost and make conference calls with multiple skype users and landlines along with conference text based chats.

  • Allows you to upload an mp3 file and edit it into a 15 to 20 second "ringtone" that can be played by an mp3 capable phone.

  • Mobile application to upload photos and video from your phone to web-based services like Flickr, blip.tv, wordpress. Can tag and add comments on the phone. Back up the contacts on your phone to the web. Get others' photos, videos on your phone.

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