These services that will allow you to collaboratively edit and publish text.


  • Send and receive messages to and from mobile phones (by SMS), webpages, or from IM/Jabber/gchat. Send messages to a group of 'followers' or send direct messages to one person.

  • A blogging site that allows you to categorise and tag posts. Wordpress has ready-made themes and templates to style the blog and it allows you to make some posts private and password-protected. It also has built-in sidebar features for calendars, photos and video. Spam protection is another feature. RSS feed of blog is available so that others can subscribe.

  • Creates wikis which are easy-to-edit web pages that let you collaborate online and share information. This free version comes with unlimited pages and revisions, 10 megabytes of storage for file attachments, zip backup and RSS feeds.

  • Essentially this is a blog for short items you've 'tumbled' upon.

  • Allows you to collaborate on a text-based document using a word-processor style screen.

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