Mobilise & Coordinate

Two big tasks that your advocacy campaign faces are: mobilising large numbers of people, for example getting them to show up at an event; and coordinating activities with a network of allies. These services offer ways to connect with people locally using mobile phones and to communicate via the internet with people who are geographically dispersed.

Document & Visualise

Large amounts of complex data can overwhelm a campaign. A campaign is only effective if people understand and connect with the information it has to share. These services can help you illuminate and document your subject in compelling and interesting ways.

Inform & Communicate

These services are aimed at keeping stakeholders informed about and engaged with your cause. They also offer ways to get people to contribute to developing content for use in your campaign.

Bypass & Access

The services in this section should be used in situations where security and the protection of users' privacy are paramount.


Bookmarking makes a record of the address of a webpage so that you can access it quickly later on. Largely done from with-in a web-browser, these web-based services will help you organize and share your bookmarks.


If you are working with in a country that censors and surveils use of the Internet, these tools can help.


A web feed is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content. These tools will provide you with ways to stay up-to-date on websites you choose to keep an eye on.


Maps provide a quick 'n easy way to visualize complex information.


Mobiles are the Internet for the rest of the world. These services will help you utilize mobiles in your advocacy work.


An effective advocacy campaign needs to engage networks of people. These tools will help you keep in touch with networks that are online.


These services will help you share photos over the internet.


These services that will allow you to collaboratively edit and publish text.


These services will help you share your videos over the Internet.

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